Handmade Market for Extra Income

‘Handmade Market’ is set to be a platform for ladies and entrepreneurs to earn a living by selling and promoting things that are beautifully handmade by themselves.

The programme was aided by Persatuan Seni Jahitan Kreatif (PJSK) with help from Epal Handicraft Training Centre under the programme to improve their economic status.

Founder of Epal Handicraft Training Centre, Chye Goet Lee said that the programme can also be a pioneer for the training centre itself in gaining experience as a first step to the world of entrepreneurship.

“These items took two months to produce at home and five days to run the business,” said Chye.

“Every product sold has its own sense of uniqueness and what makes it even more special is that they were all handmade,” she added at the Perak’s Handmade Market in Aeon Klebang recently.

The programme was launched by Perak’s Department for Women’s Development (DWD) director, Srihartini Shamsudin.

“The first Handmade Market was held from April 13 till 17 this year in City One Mall Kuching, Sarawak. Some others were from May 11 to 15 in Megamall Kuantan, Pahang, May 23 to June 5 in Aeon Mall, Shah Alam, May 25 to 28 in Hills, Sabah and June 1 to 5 in Pall Mall, Seremban.

“Those interested can register through PJSK and Epal Handicraft Training Centre. For those who are not as skilled in the art of creative sewing, can join the training package offered by the training centre with minimal fee charges,” she explained.

According to one of the participants, Celine Hosey @ Salmah Abdullah, 62, the programme opened her up to many benefits. Besides filling her free time making these products with used items, it was also a source of income. So far, she has received an income for as much as RM600 a month just through selling handmade items.

“I hope everyone, especially the younger ones would take up and learn this skill as it definitely won’t go to waste. Besides, the extra income is always welcome,” she said smilingly.

Luqman Hakim

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