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High pitch screams were heard while smartphones were whipped out on Saturday, June 11 at Concubine Lane, Ipoh. As the minutes ticked by, the lane got more crowded. With that kind of commotion on a Saturday, one could not just ignore and walk away.

It appears that a Psy lookalike was seen strolling on Concubine Lane with his bodyguards surrounding him. From the first sight, every passerby mistook him for the famous K-pop singer. Some stopped him to snap photos. Passers-by did not realise that the person whose photograph they took was just an impersonator.

Social media travelled fast and the crowd grew within minutes. The Psy impersonator took his time to enjoy his ice ball, cotton candy and the stores that were open for business. Little did everyone know that this was just a marketing gimmick by S.O.S (Sensation of Sound) Ipoh. The club had hired the actor to perform that night – “A tribute to PSY Showcase Party.”

To draw in the crowd for the event, the management had come up with an ingenious plan, which was to bring ‘Psy’ to the most happening place in town to promote the Ipoh culture at the same time.

At the club that night, the impersonator performed Psy’s hottest singles on stage with the exact dance moves used in his music videos. Fans jammed in making it a very successful event.

Psy’s lookalike, Denis Carré, is an entertainer, singer and French actor from South Korea. He is trained in the arts of theater, film and music. He had been mimicking the famous Korean singer for over a year.

Well done S.O.S. You have certainly Psy-ched up Ipoh and social media for the day.

For more information on the event or any related matters, head on to their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/Sensation0fSound/.

Susan Ho


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