Tripping Hazard Repaired

By A. Jeyaraj

In issue 231 (March 16-31, 2016) of Ipoh Echo, I wrote about the tripping hazard along the walkway at Jalan Lim Bo Seng bridge.

MBI has carried out repair works and the walkway is safe for pedestrians. However, the garbage in the cable trenches on either side of the bridge has not been cleared. I am not sure whose responsibility this is.

I wonder why MBI must wait for someone to complain before taking action. I get calls from people about unsafe conditions and occasionally I come across them and highlight them.

MBI maintenance staff must go around and be proactive and repair defects and not wait for people to complain.

The car park attendants are very efficient and put summons on the cars even if it is overdue by a minute according to their watch. I suggest that there be a job rotation and transfer the efficient parking attendants to look after garbage collection, illegal dumpsites, port holes in roads and substandard maintenance work. If this is done then I am sure the number of complaints would be reduced, because these workers would be proactive.

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