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Chapter 2: The Treasure

The play, ‘The Treasure’ staged by SMK Methodist (AS) Ipoh from Friday, July 22 till Sunday, July 24 was actually the school’s very first trilogy production.

The first chapter was a variety show about a pirate bar held in April. Following the pirate theme, and having the bar inserted in the play, it was pretty much linked.

Tickets were priced at RM15 and RM20 for night performances and RM10 for matinee shows during the weekend. ‘The Treasure’ was about a group of friends who just graduated and were going for a holiday until a shipwreck occurred and they ended up on an island.

Coincidentally, a group of pirates were looking for One-Eyed John’s lost treasure hidden on the same island. At the same time, they were also trying to change their current captain. They all came across each other on the island, and the pirates held the group of friends as hostages.

“We wrote the script ourselves. I could say it was our own treasure after a session of brainstorming,” said artistic director, coach and advisor who has been involved in theatre for the past 16 years, Xavier Fong.

‘The Treasure’ was filled with emotions, it was funny and it also touched everyone’s hearts. They never found the treasure, instead they found something much priceless; love and bond between each other.

Xavier and Rheanogha Subramaniam, the director, who is currently in Upper Six, expressed how worried they were, especially since it was Rheanogha’s first production.

“When I saw them on stage, I was stunned. They really made my night. I hope it continues for the remaining shows,” said Rheanogha.

“I couldn’t really see the crowd while on stage as the lights were beaming. I was pretty nervous at first but the moment I got on stage, I said to myself that I got this. Besides, after so much of practising done, I got it all by heart already,” said Alicia Anne Morris who played the part of Emily, one of the shipwrecked friends.

Music score was by Muhd Daniel Ariff. The lively music and the witty musicians helped connect the audience to the play itself.

The climax of the trilogy, Chapter 3, will be staged in October. This time it will be a haunted tour of the school’s pathways. To find out more check it out with SMK Methodist Ipoh for details of the upcoming play.


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