This letter is to highlight Noah’s Ark Ipoh (NAI) animal welfare group is being unfairly treated by the new ISPCA management.

In February 2012, ISPCA (then under a different management) asked NAI to manage the ISPCA cattery. We agreed and a contract was signed. ISPCA paid NAI RM1800 per month to manage the cattery. We renovated the cattery and treated and neutered all the cats. All this was borne by NAI.

In January 2015 under a different management, ISPCA asked NAI to reduce payment from RM1800 to RM1000 per month. We agreed. In May 2016 during the AGM, ISPCA voted (without a resolution in the agenda) to reduce payment to RM500. We asked to have a private meeting to discuss this. A meeting was held between NAI and ISPCA members and advisors from both sides were present. Dr Goh the advisor from ISPCA asked NAI to take over the cattery completely without payment. A contract was signed in January 2016 saying that ISPCA will give usage of the side access and we will not have to pay water or electricity.

However, this all changed in April 2016 when we were given notice that fences will be erected to deny us access to the cattery via main entrance. The only way to get to the cattery was through the cleaner’s house. Another wall was erected denying us access to the rubbish disposal area and to our maternity unit which was offered to us for pregnant rescued dogs and puppies. This is unacceptable. Having to troop through someone’s garden is also unacceptable. We have to bring in food and bags of cat litter and other heavy items.

We were also given notice that water and electricity will be cut and we will have to apply for our own meters. No forms or paperwork was given for us to apply.

Attempts to have a meeting was met with silence. All telephone and text messages to discuss this was met with silence. All letters to them were ignored.

Their letters of notice to NAI were given to our cleaners or stuck in the cattery door.

We need to know why this is being done. What is it that ISPCA’s present management doesn’t want NAI to see? Is it because we highlighted and complained about the lack of care at the shelter. Dogs were dying and not cared for.

In 2014 when the new management took over, there were over 300 dogs. Now there are just over 120 dogs. From April 2016 to date there has been many fatalities. Installing CCTV and erecting brick walls is a waste of public funding. The public give donations so that the dogs get nutritious food and the medical care they need. The dogs are infested with ticks. That should be addressed first.

Volunteers who used to come and bathe and treat the dogs were denied access because they complained about the welfare of the dogs. Many ISPCA members are denied access to visit the shelter because they have voiced concern.

Constructive criticism should be taken in good nature as it concerns the welfare of the animals in their care. Not with resentment and anger.

As animal welfare advocates we believe that all animals should be treated with care and love. We are up in arms when we hear of animal cruelty and abuse. But if it happens on our doorstep and we do not act on it we should not be involved in animal welfare.

We want the two brick walls to be taken down as there is no good reason for them to be there except as a hindrance to NAI and our visitors. Members and volunteers should be allowed to go in and attend to animals that need treatment. As adults and professionals both NGOs involved in animal care should be able to discuss these matters instead of resorting to such drastic measures.

NAI has informed ISPCA that they should stop intimidating us and allow us to continue to care for the animals there. Ultimately it’s the animals that will suffer. And that’s the last thing we want for our rescued animals.

Noah’s Ark Ipoh Animal Welfare

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