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Buddha Jumps Over the Wall at Yuk Sou Hin

by Khaleeja Suhaimi

Some of us may have heard of the traditional Chinese dish called “Buddha Jumps Over the Wall” which is also known as “Buddha’s Temptation”. Legend has it that this name came about when a  strict vegetarian monk who was meditating beside a wall, detected the smell of a delectable aroma wafting over from next door where this dish was being slowly cooked. After many hours where he was constantly taunted by the cooking smells, he could resist no longer and jumped over the wall to steal a taste of this delicious delicacy. 

“Buddha Jumps Over the Wall” is actually a shark fin soup which requires special cooking techniques and may take up to two or three days to prepare. However, Yuk Sou Hin at WEIL is adding a touch of difference to it by braising and serving it in a sauce instead of soup form.

Instead of serving shark fin and cooking the broth with the usual main ingredients which involves pork, this one is made from chicken bones and served with  conpoy, chestnuts, bamboo piths, sea cucumber, mushrooms and fish maw and abalone. The ingredients are prepared individually and all ingredients simmered in a special broth for eight hours before it is served.

“The original one is actually non-halal and takes longer to prepare. However, with this method, everyone can enjoy and have a taste of this well-known dish,” said Chef Chung Ho Shi.

This special dish will be available at Yuk Sou Hin from September 1 till October 30. Each bowl is priced at RM98 nett. Guests can request for the soup, instead of the braised alternative if informed beforehand.

Reservations can be made at 05 208 2103.

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