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A Self-Made Millionaire

“Success doesn’t come easy. We’ve to work hard to achieve our goals. The ingredients are positive thinking and confidence.” These are the principles 39-year-old Noor Irfan Khairi from Kuala Kangsar adheres strictly to.

“I didn’t become a millionaire overnight. It took me a long time and a lot of obstacles. In order to turn your life around, self-realisation and a clear mindset are the key determinants,” he told Ipoh Echo.

Irfan obtained his bachelor’s degree in multimedia design from Staffordshire University, United Kingdom in the early 90s and was offered a job at Netmedia, one of the largest IT firms in Birmingham, as a multimedia system designer and Internet consultant.

He was in the team that designed the Internet learning system for schools in United Kingdom named, ‘Learning Grid’. Over 5000 schools adopted the system soon after.

“I started my business via the Internet offering designs for book cover, website, logo, banner and others. After three years, I made RM1 million. I then decided to leave my job as a multimedia consultant of an established British IT company.

Irfan now organises seminars on online business and travels to and from Dubai to run a business academy which he started a few months ago. He also receives invitations to talk at both local and international forums here and broad.

“With the current state of the economy, we’ve to think positive and take chances. You need to get out of your comfort zone if you want to be successful.

“Economic uncertainty is not a reason for you to give up. It’s a global phenomenon, hence it gives more promotional opportunities for your product. Moreover, online business doesn’t require a huge capital.

“Age is not a hindrance to start your business. What’s important is your passion. For example, the founder of KFC, Col Harland Sanders became a millionaire at the age of 70 after beginning his business at the age of 65,” he exclaimed.

Online business allows one to work from home with minimal cost.

“If you run it from a shop, you’ve to consider overhead charges such as rental, utility bills etc. In online business, you need only pay for web hosting, internet usage, phone usage and electricity.

“You’ll have more time to spend with your family. As I don’t have a servant, this works very well for me,” he reasoned.

He wrote a book titled, “Rahsia Jutawan-jutawan Internet Terbongkar” (Unveiling the Secrets of Internet Millionaires) to detail how successful people use the Internet as a medium to source for income. Irfan’s book is available in all major bookstores nationwide.

“My mission now is to motivate others to find their strength and use it to earn money for their families,” he concluded.

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