A Teary Farewell to McD

Some consider McDonald’s meals as a luxury item while others have them on a daily basis. Either way, we all have fond memories of their mouth-watering and juicy beef and cheese burgers.

The first McDonald’s outlet in Perak was opened in Ipoh in 1989. It was located at Jalan Mustapha Albakri, opposite the wet market. It was considered a jackpot for Ipohites. Unfortunately, after 27 years of unbroken service it has finally closed its doors.

To cherish their final moments together, the outlet staff, from the first batch till the present, organised a farewell party on Sunday, November 27. Tears of joy and laughter were the order of the day.

“When McDonald’s first opened its doors in Ipoh, our first mayor stated that Ipoh isn’t truly a city without McDonald’s. People would queue for hours just for a bite,” said Chan Yu Yin, the outlet’s first manager.

Due to its location at a hectic traffic concourse, the outlet lost out in business as more accessible drive-ins are found all over the city. The outlet’s staff will be reassigned to other McDonald’s shops in the city.

“I met my wife here in 1995. At that time, this was our hangout spot after school. It was love at first sight. And 10 years later, I married her, can you believe it?” said Hamdan.

“We had our daughter’s third birthday party here 25 years ago. It’s a sentimental place for our whole family, as we’ve spent pretty much our life here. But I guess there’s little to do now but to move on,” said the Chew family.

Tresha Chan, 27, the same age as the outlet, told Ipoh Echo that this was where she grew up.

“I’ve been here since the opening. Now that it’s closing, I’ll bury all my memories along with it,” she lamented.

As they enjoyed their last Mac meal, deep down they all shared the same feeling – the loss of something precious and sentimental. Nonetheless, the dream will linger on. The city’s first McDonald’s closed its doors on Wednesday, November 30.


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