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Ni Art Week


As Pablo Picasso once said, ‘Everything you can imagine is real’. Ni Art Week, being the brainchild of artist, Kok Hwa Kean was an art festival held from Sunday, December 11 till Saturday, December 17 at Abby Hotel by River Town.

There were eight featured artists altogether, who were Azhar Kamaruddin, Mohammad Fadly Sabran, Hawari Berahim, Khoo Peng Ean, Iron Loi, Kok Hwa Kean himself, Art Studio and Super Star Hair & Make Up Academy.

Each of them exhibited their art in the provided rooms situated on Level 3 of the hotel. The rooftop, however, was occupied with the art bazaar, selling crafts and food.

“I feel that art is a form of expression. Every detail can mean something and with this festival, I hope it will open the eyes of Ipohites to understanding and appreciating art,” said Kok Hwa Kean.

They each had different forms of art exhibited in each room. Thus, going through their art was like having an adventure. Azhar Kamaruddin who is known as Captain Jack, had two woodcraft ships exhibited, made from scratch. The details were immaculate.

Mohammad Fadly Sabran, founder of Kapallorek Art Space in Sri Iskandar exhibited a video art installation, where audiences can enjoy the harmonic of disturbing images and chaotic sounds.

Hawari Berahim’s exhibition was on politics where he decorated the room with a chess set, bed sheet of political flags and glasses of water which represented each party’s colour. All of the connections led to a message of honesty, priority and strategy.

Khoo Peng Ean, originally from Ipoh who now resides in Singapore had a different idea on the exhibition. Her art was just a hotel room, made for visitors to go in. And amidst the silence of not knowing what’s going on, Khoo says that maybe we’d understand our loneliness a bit clearer.

Iron Loi is a graphic designer and illustrator from Johor Bahru. His work was a portrait of John Lennon, made up of origami.

Kok Hwa Kean’s art was made of recycled carton boxes and just black and gold paint. Simple yet behind each pattern drawn on the boxes, lies a whole lot more of meaning on life itself.

Art Studio, a team of a master and his two proteges, showcased their different art media using wooden boards, charcoal, colour chalks and acrylic. One of them was a picture of a cave.

Super Star Hair & Make Up Academy showcased their different costumes each day, made of recycled items and a mixed medium. Visitors could request for a tour guide for further explanation on each art form showcased.


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