Earth Hour @ Meru Valley Resort

Meru Valley Resort joined the millions of people, businesses and landmarks around the world to shine a light on climate action by hosting a series of Earth Hour events at the resort throughout the month of March.

Leading up to the big day were a sale of scented candles with its proceeds channeled to the World Wildlife Fund Malaysia and a pledge campaign with the Earth Hour Pledge Board placed inside the Dome Restaurant.

Over 40 members and residents of Meru Valley Resort kickstarted Saturday, March 25, with a 5km Earth Hour morning walk. Roaring “Save the planet!” along the route, the vanguards of Mother Nature from all ages were equipped with whistles and flags to give visibility to the campaign as they walked around the tranquil sanctuary.

“This is an exciting family-oriented activity as we can gather and walk around. I’ll be glad to participate again next year!” Mrs Soo, a member of the Meru Valley Resort, shared with Ipoh Echo. She came with her husband and two children.

“I’m having fun! I have lived here for over 20 years and I have been supporting all of Meru Valley Resort’s activities including the candlelit dinner tonight,” Miko, a retiree and an avid reader of the Ipoh Echo enthused. “Sure, if I’m around!” she said when asked if she would join similar activities like this again.

Meru Valley Resort Earth Hour

Each of them brought back a certificate of participation and plenty of memories.

“The reason why we do this is because Earth Hour has been celebrated for ten years and I am the one who initiated it in Malaysia ten years ago, in Kuala Lumpur. I even went as far as going to switch off the KLCC Twin Towers. All that was initiated at that time. So I have now brought this, because it’s the 10th year anniversary, to Meru. As an activity for all our community of Meru, we have now implemented this here so that our residents and members can join in such a worldwide activity,” Christian Bock, Director of Meru Valley Resort explained to Ipoh Echo.

“The response is overwhelming and well-received by everybody, and I think the whole of Malaysia is actually catching up to this so Meru is no exception. So we are part of the biggest world environmental event,” he added.

Will this be an annual event from now on? “It’s going to be an annual one. Every year the same and every year we will have bigger and better activities,” the amiable Bock concluded.

Meru Valley Resort Earth Hour

The Saturday night was equally lively as the Meru community joined the countdown to the symbolic lights-off. Two thousand candles lighted up the Clubhouse with the path of light culminating in a “60+” logo at the swimming pool area to signify the 60 minutes and beyond to protect the planet.

Complemented by a starry sky, it was a heartwarming sight as the candles’ glimmer warmed the faces that it shone on, including the guests of Meru Valley who were spotted lighting the candles together with the staff.

A sensory culinary adventure awaited diners of the fully-booked Dome Restaurant as they enjoyed a candlelit three-course dinner featuring tantalising nosh that can hold its own at any of the gourmet restaurants in Ipoh. Acoustic musicians were mingling with the guests to further heighten the ambience. It’s no wonder the guests were capturing the moment with Instagram-worthy shots!

For more updates, do swing by the Meru Valley Resort Facebook page.

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Meru Valley Resort Earth Hour


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