Poor Emphasis on Safety

Complaints regarding the management at the Gunung Lang Recreational Park never seem to end. At first, it was about the poor maintenance of the park, now people are grousing about the lack of safety precautions taken during boat rides.

Passengers boarding the boats to get to the main part of Gunung Lang are not told to put on the life jackets provided, which are hung idly on the boat railings. There is no briefing made on safety procedures in the event of an emergency. Although each boat ride lasts no more than three minutes, it is vital to observe these safety measures as accidents can happen in the blink of an eye.

Gunung Lang Recreational ParkGunung Lang Recreational Park

Apart from that, overloading is another safety concern. During the mid-term school holidays in March, one boat had 22 passengers on board. The figure exceeded the boat capacity of 20 passengers.

Safety of visitors takes precedence. Hence, the authorities must take appropriate actions to prevent any mishaps from happening. In view of the recent Sabah boat tragedy which resulted in deaths, this matter should never be treated lightly.

Leanne Tan

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