There are Gyms and Now There is the HUR Gym

Ever been to a gym and watch those buffed bodies working at the machines and felt intimidated? Ever tried hoisting a stack of weights only to have it clank down and make an embarrassing racket because it was too heavy for you? Now even the most sedentary couch potato can get to a gym and work out. At HUR gym that is.

That is exactly what I did when the HUR gym opened at the new Meru Suites in Meru Valley Resort. I am the proverbial couch potato and the prospect of struggling with most weight machines plus a shoulder injury that happened in a gym many years ago, has forever deterred me from venturing anywhere near a gym.

Now all that has changed for me and the magic word is Natural Transmission which simulates the natural function/movement of your muscles. Using pneumatic (as in air) technology and lever arms, resistance is adjusted in accordance with your muscles’ natural generation of muscular force. The workload is applied more specifically to the muscles for more effective results. It mimics the natural function of the muscles.

All these favourable factors were the reasons that made me start a programme at the HUR gym. Of course, having the added incentive of being guided by resident trainer, Jonathan Thong, I discovered how easy it was to do weight training without the potential for injury and the embarrassment of making a fool of myself.

You see, every person’s programme is computerised. When you arrive at the gym, you get your card out and as you work your way through the various stations you just slot in the card and the machine will adjust the resistance to your own preset limits and monitor the number of sets you need to complete. A real no-brainer. As your strength increases, Jonathan will increase the resistance and the card is recalibrated to the new limits.

HUR resistance is designed to accommodate the fact that every body is not the same. HUR’s more consistent load or resistance profile reduces stress on joints and connective tissues. Start from close to zero load and increase by as little as 100g or 1kg!

The zero minimum resistance and stepless resistance adjustment of HUR machines makes them suitable for all users. For many other brands, minimum resistance starts at several kilos (pounds) and resistance is increased in 2.5kg (5.5lbs) increments. In such cases, that all-important progression in strength training is not realised in an optimal manner and sometimes even the smallest amount of resistance can simply be too much.

I can vouch for the efficacy of the HUR equipment for making steady progress and getting strong without fear of injury. Especially for someone like me who’s a walking model of age-related decline. In the three months that I have been working on the HUR equipment my strength in various muscle groups has improved significantly. There is also a very interesting station that trains your balance. For senior citizens and rehabilitation this machine is a bonus. And the wonderful part is that with all the computerisation I can track my progress regularly.

HUR equipment is particularly suited for seniors as it minimises or even totally eliminates the possibility of injury. With range limiters, it is possible to determine where a movement starts and ends, making rehabilitation safe. HUR allows older people to exercise more safely by reducing stress on joints and connective tissues

So all you couch potatoes out there, forget the weight stack machines, come to the HUR gym and get fit slowly but surely. And it’s not only for senior citizens. Fitness buffs can also sculpt their bodies in a planned and deliberate way.


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