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After operating informally for almost a year, Radio MBI now has a proper studio for its six budding deejays to operate from.

The facility, located on the first floor of the Council’s main building, was officially opened by Mayor Dato’ Zamri Man on Thursday, March 30. It is equipped with state-of-the-art audio equipment and systems.

Zamri took the opportunity to go on air highlighting issues affecting Ipohites and how the radio could benefit them on the whole. He encouraged listeners to utilise this new medium to interact with the Council.

“Our presenters are Council staff themselves. Members of the public can make complaints through the radio, which has been operating since June last year,” said Zamri to reporters.

“Radio MBI is a medium for Ipohites to contribute ideas and opinions in helping to transform Ipoh into a green, clean and vibrant city.

“We’re trying to serve Ipohites better by providing them a new medium to channel their ideas and thoughts.

“From our records, we’ve Ipohites calling from Australia when they travelled abroad with their families,” said Zamri.

Being the first and only radio station among local councils in the country, Radio MBI has prepared a number of interesting programmes for airing. They are, Teh Tarik Roti Canai, Hello Ipoh and Irama Global. The radio goes on air five days a week from Monday to Friday between 8am to 5pm. It can be accessed online via radio.mbi.gov.my.

Incidentally the six radio presenters were trained by Radio Televisyen Malaysia.

Nabilah Hamudin

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