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It was a memorable day for 19 autistic children from the National Autism Society of Malaysia (NASOM), when they were picked to don hari raya clothing designed by local fashion designer Tengku Syahmi.

NASOM Ipoh coordinator, Salina Safii, said the opportunity was an honour for these less fortunate kids.

“We feel blessed, as this is our first invitation to a breaking-of-fast cum gala dinner on June 8 at Lost World Hotel, Tambun. The highlight of the evening was a parade by the society’s special children dressed in clothes designed by Tengku Syahmi.

“I wish to thank all those involved in designing the kids’ clothing and for ensuring the success of the programme,” she said during the ‘iM4U Fabrik Kasih bersama Sunway’ event held at NASOM Ipoh on Thursday, May 18.

Jointly organised by Sunway iM4U fm, Sunway Group and Giatmara Malaysia, the programme featured the collaborative efforts of three local fashion designers namely, Tengku Syahmi, Fazana Mokhtaza and Zakwan Anua.

National Autism Society of Malaysia (NASOM)National Autism Society of Malaysia (NASOM)

Tengku Syahmi was so excited to be picked by the organisers to partake in a charity programme for the benefit of these special children.

“I feel fortunate to be a mentor to Giatmara students in designing hari raya clothing for the special children. I’m happy to teach them how to design.

“I wish to share this experience. When I first visited NASOM Ipoh, I found the children were sensitive to certain colours and fabrics. We had to choose fabrics which were suitable and appropriate for them. I treat this responsibility as a challenge and will ensure its success,” said Tengku Syahmi, the programme leader.

Pasir Salak Giatmara trainer, Habibah Shoid, said that working with Tengku Syahmi had its benefits, as students got to learn the art of tailoring and designing.

“This is a convenient platform for students to do charity work. I hope this kind of activity will continue in the future,” she said.

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