Sam Tet Marching Band Takes Gold

The SMJK Sam Tet Marching Band took home the Gold Marching Show Band Award recently when it was invited to take part in the 34th Shanghai Spring International Music Festival.

Organised by the Yangpu District Government and the Asian Marching Band Confederation (AMBC), the band’s journey to Shanghai was the culmination of the endless support from the school’s Board of Governors (BOG) and Parent Teacher Association (PTA). The primary objective of this music festival is to boost the development of music culture, on top of promoting goodwill between China and participating countries.

With a strong contingent of 71 members, SMJK Sam Tet Marching Band took the stage and performed well-known classics like We Will Rock You and Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen and also Hana, a Japanese folk song. To suit the local taste of music, the band also played their very own arrangement of Brightest Star in The Night Sky by Escape Plan and Blessing by Jacky Cheung. The audience was awed by the scintillating performance of the band.

SMJK Sam Tet Marching Band Ipoh

The festival was held for a total of five days from April 28 to May 2 in the city of Shanghai, with the band also privileged to perform on board a cruise on the famous Huangpu River on Labour Day.

The chairman of the Board of Governors, Rev Father Stephen Liew, who joined the trip to Shanghai, thanked all parties involved especially teachers, coaches, BOG and PTA. He said the school achieved yet another milestone by representing Malaysia in this musical festival placing SMJK Sam Tet Marching Band among the best internationally.


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