Promoting Perak in Jordan

The mission of promoting Visit Perak Year 2017 (VPY 2017) received overwhelming response at Amman, Jordan.

Khairulikwan, a 45-year-old Jordanian from Sweileh said that Malaysia is a tropical paradise noted for its beautiful beaches, friendly people and exquisite products.

“I long wished to visit Malaysia. I got to know Perak from the Internet. The state strives hard to retain its natural environment,” said the easy-going Jordanian trader when met at the Ras-al-Ain Friday market.

The VPY 2017 promotional blitz was an initiative undertaken by the Perak Media Sports and Welfare Club led by its president, Wan Asrudi Wan Hassan.

A total of 27 media practitioners from Perak partook in the Malaysia-Jordan cultural exchange cum humanitarian programme conducted from July 24 to 28.

Alaq’ Hanim, a 38-year-old engineer from Adoun, was pleased to receive brochures on Perak which were distributed by members of the contingent.

“I visited Ipoh in 2015 for a job assignment. I enjoyed your hospitality and the many things available in the city. Ipoh’s multi-ethnic food was superb. I had a problem making choices.

“I plan on visiting Perak again next year. My destination this time is the Royal Belum Rainforest. I heard so much about the place especially its flora and fauna. You can’t find them here in Jordan.”

The entourage visited the Malaysian Embassy in Amman. A trip to the disputed Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem was the climax of the four-day trip.

Rosli Mansor

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