Fire Escapes at (Sekeping) Kong Heng

I was pleased to visit Ipoh not so long ago, staying at (Sekeping) Kong Heng.

Although the hotel was nicely quirky, I had one definite concern. From where my room was, near the water feature, there seemed to be only a single entrance/exit: which had a permanently padlocked metal gate at the bottom.

All guests were given a key to the padlock (or was it just one key per room?). But in the event of any fire or other emergency, it seems like a big problem. What if there is smoke, or the guest is outside the room without the key. It’s certainly not an easy lock to undo, even in normal circumstances.

Maybe there is another proper fire escape somewhere, but if there is, I didn’t see it signposted clearly: and I looked. Just to add to the concern, the hotel rooms are situated over retails and F&B outlets, who are storing industrial sized gas cylinders on the ground floor. Hmmm!!

Given that we’ve recently had a fire tragedy in KL, where children were trapped inside a building without proper fire exits, can someone please let me know what the fire escape arrangements from this part of the hotel are supposed to be, whether they conform to local fire regulations.

Richard Davies

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