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One Voice Many Cheers

One Voice Mini was a concert-like event held at Syeun Hotel, Ipoh on Saturday, October 14. It featured a musical band led by Samuel Zane and an insightful talk by a guest speaker. The subject was “GOD of…?”

The concert was preceded with a series of gospel songs such as ‘Planetshakers’ and ‘Hillsong’, popular amongst youths of the local Christian community. The allure of the upbeat tunes was evident, as the crowd seemed to gravitate to the music.

“What’s love to you?” asked Pastor Matthew Dass from Forward City Church Ipoh. “Is it your love for your family, your girlfriend or for God?” A very thought-provoking question, indeed.

When prompted with a question regarding the cultural tolerance of the Ipoh community vis-a-vis One Voice: “From this event, we learnt that Ipoh youths are a representation of a community that embraces culture” said Samuel, the brainchild of the event. “This shows that individuals from different religious backgrounds are open to such Christian events.”

Following this was a blessing session before another round of bass-thumping and guitar-shredding musical fest which capped the evening. It was so invigorating and energetic.

This mini concert, however, was a prelude to a much bigger event by the same team. It is slated for November 10 and 11 at Elim Gospel Hall, Ipoh called ‘One Voice ’17 GO’. This event will be held in an evangelical conference setting and several concerts and workshops will be conducted; all for a mere RM10.

For more information, please visit their Facebook page at ‘One Voice 17’ GO’ and/or call Samuel Zane at 016 504 0225.

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