Christmas Cheers

About 65 children from 1Malaysia Home and Vision Home were feted to a Christmas lunch at the Sunway KFC outlet in December. The party was hosted by Hope Worldwide Malaysia and Mr Lau Wing Fatt and co-sponsored by KFC Malaysia.

With the KFC mascot in tow and a live band belting out Christmas carols, the children had a gala time soaking in the festive atmosphere. All the children were encouraged to participate in the various traditional childhood games like hook-the-loop, folding and flying of paper planes, ice-cream stick etc., organised by the host and were seen to be keenly engrossed in the event.  “Instead of seeing our children engaging in impersonal activities such as computer and hand-held games, we are drawing them out to be more interactive with each other through these hands-on games,” enthused Mr Kevin Chai the event organiser.

Mr W.F. Lau played Santa Claus and gave out Christmas goodies and presents to all after a hearty, “finger-licking” lunch. While the band continued playing Christmas carols, the children partied on with “Silver Bells” ringing in their ears….”children laughing, people passing, meeting smiles after smiles….”

SH Ong


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