Lim Garden Family Day

Residents of Lim Garden ended 2017 with a Family Day celebration at Tarcisian Convent School. The event was organised by Lim Garden Residents Association as a get-together for the residents and events included colouring contest for children, talks on fire safety, security and year-end spring cleaning of houses.

The talk on Fire Safety at Home by Fireman Abidul Hazman was educational. He informed that most house fires start in the kitchen and demonstrated using his shirt on how to put off fire in a frying pan. Residents participated in putting out fires with a fire extinguisher. Hazman emphasised that every house and car must have a fire extinguisher.

Hazman added that emergency call 999 goes to KL and is then directed to the local line. For quick response residents can call Ipoh office directly at 05 547 4444. All should take note of this number.

ASP Shahran, Ketua Balai Polis Sentral (Officer-in-charge, Central Police Station) spoke on Personal Safety and Security and informed that Lim Garden is one of the hot spots for crime. The common crimes here are house-breaking and snatch theft. While driving if you feel you are being tailed, then do not enter your house and keep on driving to distract the criminal. Be friendly to your neighbours. He advised people to avoid using lonely back lanes and not to wear too much jewellery. Do not withdraw big sums of money from the bank; instead use cheques and electronic transfers. Police patrol housing estates regularly.

Sharan said that he works 24 hours and we can call his mobile number 019 330 4182 at any time. The number for police station is 05 245 1529. The audience were given a pamphlet on ‘Tips for Crime Prevention’.

Residents were told to carry out spring cleaning of their house and discard unwanted items and start the new year with a clean slate. Garbage was collected from each house as well as the usual dumping sites.

All the children who participated in the colouring contest were given prizes.

A hearty lunch was provided befitting the year-end function.

A. Jeyaraj

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