MoU to Promote Trainings and Job Openings

Junior Chamber International (JCI) Kinta successfully held its 2nd Installation & Award Luncheon at the Meru Valley Resort.

Graced by Datuk Heng Seai Kie, the Adviser in the Prime Minister’s Department as the guest of honour, Heng said that the government had never overlooked the needs of the youth in Malaysia.

“In the 2018 National Budget, the Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Najib had announced a total of RM61.6 billion for the purpose of training and uplifting the skills of youth in the country. One interesting fact is that our country’s public expenditure on education and training are much higher than our ASEAN neighbours.”

Heng also witnessed the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between the 2018 JCI Kinta President, Matt Ngai Chee Hau, and the Director of Perak Human Capital Development Centre (PHCDC), Dr Rupa Saminathan, before pledging RM5000 as her contribution to JCI Kinta.

The Director of PHCDC, Dr Rupa said, “The MoU is to affirm PHCDC’s confidence in JCI Kinta’s ability to assist in developing youth employment in Perak. JCI Kinta has been chosen as our primary partner due to their commitment and access to the youth community in Perak. Through this collaboration, JCI Kinta will promote the trainings and job openings available under the PHCDC framework of programmes.

2018 JCI Kinta President Matt Ngai further added that one of JCI Kinta’s core objectives was to promote Ipoh to the youth from other states. He further announced that JCI Kinta would attempt to bid and bring the 2019 JCI Area Peninsular North Academy to Ipoh. The bidding process would be in April 2018 and if successful, more than 100 delegates from other states were expected to attend.

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