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Is that a Pizza?

By Amy Chan

Leonardo da Vinci would cringe – if they had pizzas in his day that is.

What Anchor Professional Foods’ PizzArt Campaign has done is to bring more excitement to foodies by bringing the traditional pizza to a whole new level. Or not…

The campaign began in December 2017 and will conclude in June 2018, covering both Peninsular and East Malaysia. This second PizzArt Campaign follows the highly successful first PizzArt Campaign held nationwide between May and October 2017.

“We cover both Peninsular and East Malaysia so it’s spread evenly. It gives consumers a chance to try new recipes,” said Director of Anchor Food Professionals, Linda Tan. In order to make good quality pizzas, the dough must be made fresh by the staff with proper culinary skills and knowledge. And the outlet must have the proper facilities.

On Saturday, January 27, two outlets, Food & Desire and Mustard Sandwich House presented three new recipes. They were their versions of the PizzBurger, UltiMeat Pizza and the Deep Cheese Pizza.

Food & Desire dished out the PizzBurger. The chicken patty stuffed with molten cheese was wrapped in pastry and served with curly fries together with some greens and cherry tomatoes. Though Food & Desire’s PizzBurger looked plain, we were proven wrong when we cut it open. The first bite was heavenly. The patty was juicy and the cheese not too overwhelming but just enough flavour to blend nicely with the meat.

Then came the UltiMeat Pizza. Unlike the traditional pizza, this version does not make use of dough. Instead, the crust and base is made of meat and is garnished with a salad and cherry tomatoes. This pizza is definitely a meat-lover’s ideal feast.

After having our fill, we adjourned to Mustard Sandwich House for a second round. Mustard Sandwich House is famous for their sandwiches and pasta. Here, a second pizza eating challenge took place with customers as participating contestants, wolfing down the UltiMeat Pizza a la Mustard Sandwich House.

Unlike Food & Desire, their take on UltiMeat Pizza included bonito flakes as a topping. Though bonito flakes are mostly associated with Japanese street food like takoyaki (octopus balls) and okonomiyaki (Japanese pancake), it would be safe to say that the UltiMeat Pizza should be included in the list as well. A creative blend of East and West.

The bonito flakes blended well with the vegetables. The different textures, as we bit into a slice of the pizza, was truly gastronomical.

The Deep Cheese Pizza had a thin and crunchy layer of pastry with chicken and some vegetables as toppings. Every bite we took was oozing with cheesy goodness. Usually, a cheese only pizza would cause most people to feel overwhelmed but not this.

In addition to the pizzas, Mustard Sandwich House prepared their signature dishes – the Spicy Prawn Aglio Oglio and the Awesome Pig sandwich. The Spicy Prawn Aglio Oglio followed the traditional recipe but served with large prawns sautéed in butter, a twist added to make it extra special for the palate.


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