Parking Nightmare

Since the opening of the 8-storey car park in Fatimah Hospital in Taman Ipoh, there has been a tremendous increase in the parking of cars at the lay-by of the roads surrounding Fatimah Hospital. Many a time the inconsiderate parking at the junction of Leboh Chew Peng Loon and Jalan Carlos causes incensed car and lorry drivers to curse and swear at the dangerous traffic congestion. The residents find it difficult to manoeuvre their cars through the double-sided parking to go in and out of their houses. The residents also find that often their pots or plants beside the roads have been damaged! Residents try to keep the place clean but many passengers of these cars throw their drink cans and packets (styrofoam) of food on the road wherever the car is parked. This is most disgusting and unfair to the residents, who are  mostly retirees.

Now that Fatimah Hospital has re-engineered their traffic within their grounds, all traffic passes in front of the private homes and life is becoming noisy with a dusty environment. Vehicles drive by churning dust over the low fence separating the Hospital road and the residences and many hoot their horn within the Hospital grounds. Isn’t there a law banning horning in Hospital areas? Why do all these developments create more of a nuisance and unhappy situation rather than ease the living for people who have lived in peace and tranquillity all these years? Does anyone care to do something to alleviate these troubles for the residents nearby? Or perhaps the developers of the new construction hope to nudge the residents away from these areas so that they have the whole area to themselves?

Will MBI, Hospital Fatimah and relevant authorities get together to ease the situation for the residents surrounding the hospital?

Augustine Basnayake

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