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Cream of the Crop (Part 1)

By Ili Aqilah

What is the best way to fight the scorching hot weather we are having these days? A scoop (or two!) of Ice Cream of course. But where to get the good ones? We list top four must-go cafes that offer not only good ice cream but also other irresistibly good desserts that are too good to be true!

Bella Zia

Located at Jalan Sultan Iskandar, Bella Zia opened its first store in April 2017. The cafe serves over 50 different flavours of gelato an Italian-style ice cream that is said to be better than your usual ice cream. Gelato is made with fresh ingredients, fresh milk, contains no colouring or artificial ingredients hence it is less sweet, contains less fat and cream compared to the normal ice cream in the market.

The shop has an assortment of gelato flavours but popular ones are Sicilian pistachio, sirap rose bandung, tiramisu, pineapple, cheesecake, banana, hazelnut and more! The price for a single scoop is RM7, RM13 for double and RM18 for triple scoop.

Aside from gelato, Bella Zia also offers other desserts such as Italian style Puffs (RM12 with one scoop of gelato); Tiramisu Cup and doughnuts; and the cafe is constantly adding new desserts. Customers can try Chocolate Affogato (RM14.90), Waffle Gelato (RM12) and Gelato Lava Cake (RM14.90).

You can wash down the gelato by trying assorted drinks available at the cafe such as Cappuccino (RM8), Americano (RM7.50), Soda Espressos (RM9) or Sarsi/Sirap Rose/Orange that come in two sizes: regular (RM6) and large (RM8).

Bella Zia is located at, 23 (Ground Floor), Jalan Sultan Iskandar, 30000 Ipoh and opens daily from 11am-8pm (Sunday-Thursday) and 11am till 9pm (Friday and Saturday). For bookings and reservations, call 05 241 1702.


Inside Scoop

Started back in 2013, Inside Scoop’s first store was located in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur. Now fans of ice cream in Ipoh can enjoy unlimited scoops of Inside Scoop in Ipoh, with a branch located at De Garden.

With over 70 different flavors of ice cream that go on rotation, Inside Scoop covers both local and international palates of ice cream fans. Using only the finest ingredients with no artificial flavourings, among the “must try” at Inside Scoop is Durian (that comes from Raub, Pahang), Cempedak, The Tarik, Cendol, Kopi Peng and Salted Gula Melaka. Classic ice cream flavors such as vanilla bean and chocolate are also available at the shop for RM8 (single scoop), M13.50 (double) and RM18.50 (triple). They also have assorted sorbet made from fresh fruits such as coconut, mango and others.

Visitors can also enjoy their ice cream with waffles. You can either choose buttermilk or charcoal waffles to go with any ice cream flavour of your choice. The price for waffles (you can choose single/double/triple scoop) starts at RM14.50 for buttermilk and additional RM1.50 for charcoal waffle. You can also opt from their selection of waffle creations such as Nutella, Salted Egg Yolk or Banana.

The cafe also makes ice cream cakes where customers can choose any flavour they want for the cake with the 7-inch starting from RM128 and the 9-inch from RM188 or pick one of their signature cakes such as Rocher (Rm128), Tiramisu (RM128) or Bombe Alaska (RM88). Customers can also organise parties at the cafe!

Those who wish to tapau (take home) the ice cream, can choose two sizes: 650ml (up to two flavours, RM41.50) or 400ml (1 flavour, RM30.50).

Inside Scoop Ipoh opens everyday from 1pm-11pm (Monday-Thursday), 12.30pm till midnight (Friday & Saturday) and 12.30pm-11pm on Sunday. The shop is located at DGR-5, Ground Floor, Zone D, De Garden No. 1, Persiaran Medan Ipoh, Medan Ipoh, 31400 Ipoh. Reservation and inquiry can be made by calling the branch at 05 543 9640.


Hello Elvis

Operating since January 2016, Hello Elvis was featured in Ipoh Echo issue 229 (February 16, 2016). Now, not only do they have soft-serve ice cream, the cafe has expanded their menu to serving pasta, waffle, churros, snacks and even cakes.

Among their “must-have” ice creams are Better Than Ex (Ice cream served with marshmallow dipped in chocolate, Kinder Bueno, chocolate balls and cereal, RM12), Amazin’ Latte, Amazin’ Black Forest and their signature menu, Elvis Twist; Waffle served together with caramelised banana (RM14.50). Hello Elvis also has the famous Kulacakes Mango Cheesecake sourced  from Kulacakes, a cafe located in Pahang.

The ice cream is made freshly at the cafe and customers get to enjoy their desserts while listening to 60s music. Other available food at Hello Elvis include Grilled Cheese Chicken Meatballs with cream tomato gravy and wedges (RM15.50), Hello Elvis Signature Brownies (RM7) and Dessert Platter for Two (RM26) that comes with brownies, churros, cheese crackers, pretzels, fruits and chocolate sauce: a must-try!

As there are currently no other Hello Elvis branch in Malaysia other than Ipoh, this cute eatery is a must visit for all dessert lovers.

Hello Elvis is located at 124, Jalan Sultan Iskandar, 30000 Ipoh and they are open everyday except Tuesday from 3pm-11pm (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday), 2pm-11.30pm on Saturday and 2pm-10.30pm on Sunday.


Hokkaido Ice Cream

Instead of having your ice cream on its own, Hokkaido Ice Cream is taking it to the next level by serving it with puffs. With more than 10 branches in Malaysia, Hokkaido Ice Cream comes together with a special puff pastry shell that is crunchy and made daily at the shop.

The branch in Ipoh started its operation on September 2016 selling over ten different flavours of ice cream such as Yam, Green Tea, Mango, Vanilla Chips, Raspberry, Cookies & Cream, Coconut and more. Each scoop of ice cream will be put inside a puff and priced at RM4.30 per piece.

Thirsty while enjoying your ice cream? Sip on a variety of drinks, such as 3-Layer Wheatgrass (RM5.80), 3-Layer Wheatgrass & Durian (RM6.80), Beauty White Coffee (RM5.80) or Jumbo Ice Lemon Tea/ Lemon Cola/ Sprite priced at RM4.80 per pack.

The cafe also has a seasonal menu such as Yoghurt Puff and Musang King Puff and Boxing Fries where customers can choose different condiments to go with the fries such as mayonnaise, black pepper, BBQ, chili and tomato.

Hokkaido Ice Cream Puff is located at 34, Jalan Yau Tet Shin, Ipoh and opens every day from 11.30pm-7.30pm on weekdays and 12pm until 9pm during weekends.

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