A Cheerful Sunday

Mother’s Day comes around every second Sunday of May in Malaysia. On this day, everyone across the country celebrates motherhood. However, Healy Mac’s Irish Bar and Restaurant has a different take on Mother’s Day.

On Sunday, May 13, Healy Mac’s Bar and Restaurant organised a lunch for 120 children from five orphanage homes in conjunction with Mother’s Day. The homes are Salvation Army Boy’s, Salvation Army Girl’s Vision Home, Good Shepherds home and Help and Hope Centre.

The outlet manager, Gurmeet Singh explained the need to display love and affection towards these children. “Most people only think about mothers on Mother’s Day. People tend to forget that there are many unfortunate children out there who do not have any parents. We feel the need to show these children that they are cared for and loved,” said Gurmeet.

Other than preparing their own food, Healy Mac’s also catered outside food for the children to feast on. However, it was not just the food that they provided. There was plenty of entertainment for the kids to enjoy. Clowns who were moving around handing out balloons enthralled the children. The live band present also ensured a joyful atmosphere as the children danced to the different funky tunes being played.

Gurmeet expressed his gratitude to customers who contributed to the event. “Our customers have been very supportive. Some bore gifts such as chocolates for the kids to enjoy,” he said.

Outlet owner, Liam Joseph Healy, stated the importance in remaining selfless in helping the less fortunate. “Today is all about the kids. We’ve worked hard for them to have a good time. It’s really refreshing to see them smile. But it’s strictly Coca Cola for the kids,” he enthused.

Outlets in Kuala Lumpur and Penang, according to Liam, organised similar events for other homes. Another event is in the pipeline for Christmas. He hopes it will be just as successful.

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