Dinner of Hope

On May 30, Prime Minister, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad announced the setting up of a trust fund, Tabung Harapan Malaysia, for Malaysians to contribute towards reducing the country’s debts. the fund as of Wednesday, June 6 stands at almost RM36 million.

Many companies, corporations and associations have stepped forward to donate to the fund. One looking to join in the fray is YMCA Ipoh. On Sunday, July 22, YMCA Ipoh will organise a fundraising dinner. The dinner will be held at the YMCA hall beginning at 7.30pm. Proceeds from the event will be channelled to Tabung Harapan Malaysia.

Honorary president of YMCA Malaysia, Daniel Lim Seng Peng, felt that he had to play his part as an NGO and a concerned citizen. “We cannot sit back idly when the country is in need,” he said.

Twenty five tables of ten, priced at RM10,000, RM5000 and RM1000 will be made available on the day. Halal tables will be provided upon requests.

Dato’ Daniel Tay, the president of YMCA Ipoh reinforced Daniel Lim’s statement saying, “The effort is small though but it amplifies our commitment to help the nation in its hour of need. Hopefully, it’ll be a catalyst to spur other NGOs to do the same.”

Thomas Kok, Honorary Secretary hopes the active participation by people will inspire the government to work harder, as Malaysians are behind them. “The amount we raise may not be much, but we certainly hope to encourage others to contribute as well,” he added.

Those wishing to attend please make your contribution to YMCA in the form of cheques addressed to Tabung Harapan Malaysia. Booking of tables can be made immediately.

For further enquiry, contact YMCA Ipoh at 05 254 0809 or email:

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