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The Perak Thalassemia Society will organise a charity sale on Sunday, August 5. The objective is to collect funds to treat thalassemia patients.

Yong Chen Long, President of the Perak Thalassemia Society, said that this charity sale is important as it could help up to 188 members aged between three and over 50 years old, receive proper care and treatment.

“This year, we estimate the sale will collect about RM150,000. We’ll do our best to reach our target, as the treatment for thalassemia is costly.

“We actively subsidise treatment fees for our members. For example, we give up to RM15,000 for patients to undergo bone marrow transplants, provide subsidies for blood transfusion and medical check-ups. We also provide free transportation for our patients to and from hospitals.

“We encourage patients to take part in activities such as the forum between Malaysia and the International Thalassemia Association. Activities like this help them gain exposure and to better understand their illness. They get to interact with patients from across the country,” he said at a press conference held at the Perak Thalassemia Society building in Jalan Masjid, on June 3.

Present at the press conference was Menglembu Assemblyman, Steven Chaw Kam Foon, who is also the society’s advisor.

The charity sale will be held at Tow Boo Keong Hall between 9am and 1pm. Over a hundred stalls are up for grabs.

Thalassemia is a genetic blood disorder that affects red blood cells. Patients are unable to produce a sufficient quantity of red blood cells, due to the formation of abnormal forms of haemoglobin. This happens because the gene that controls the production of haemoglobin is compromised.

Thalassemia has been identified as an inherited or genetic disease, in which the thalassemia gene is passed down from parent to child.

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