ACS Fundraising and Cultural Show 2018 (14 Jul 2018)


Anglo Chinese School (ACS) is pleased to announce the staging of a cultural show featuring some of Malaysia’s best talents to raise funds for the betterment of theirschool. The show held on 14 July 2018, will be a three-hour musical performance by The Maestro Musical Group, a carnatic orchestra.

Invitations are by donations only

The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) with the help of The Indian Cultural Society (ICS) of ACS has embarked on this project to further upgrade the facilities of the beloved school in our attempt to maintain the ACS tradition as a centre of academic excellence.The proceeds from the show will be used to set up a special fund for needy students of ACS. For more information, contact Ms Susila 012 505 6999 or ACS Ipoh school at 05 254 9336.


ACS Ipoh (founded in 1895) is a leading premier school in the country. Proud of their legacy in culture, heritage and most of all, the tradition of excellence for the past 124 years. However, as a partially-aided missionary school, they face unending financial constraints. Their allocation from the goverment does not cover the aspects of furniture, maintenance, renovations as well as setting up of any new facilities to enhance the teaching and learning environment. As a result, over the past few years, they have rigorously held several fundraising campaigns to meet their financial needs to renovate and upgrade the existing facilities; albeit, there are many other areas that need to be attended to.

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