How to Open Your Third Eye

“To see things with the right vision, that is third eye, is to ensure that I am not blind to the opportunities that life offers”

This was the message given by Yogesh Sharda, Personal Development Trainer, during his talk on “How to Open Your Third Eye” which was organised by Brahma Kumaris and held at Tower Regency Hotel.

He went on, “Wisdom is to see what is not seen. When I only see what is visible to the two eyes, I miss out important details. To open the third eye of wisdom and see through to the reality of things is to create opportunities for oneself. Wisdom is to see benefit, positive and opportunity in everything.

“With the third eye opened I will look at things differently. When something happens to me that I am uncomfortable with, I will see what positivity there is, hidden in the situation. Negativity remains even after a situation is over, when I think negative about someone, myself or something. So I will make sure I change my thinking to positive in these three aspects. Third Eye is beyond physical, it gives new clarity by seeing things completely in different dimensions.”

People grow physically as they age, but does character grow, he asked. We learn from our parents first and our behaviour is deep rooted from the time we are young. We get angry and jealous easily and say it is animal nature, but forget that there is also divine nature. We have to unlearn most of the things we have learnt. Our third eye is closed.

“Third Eye is the eye of the mind. We get a user manual for all the gadgets we buy. What about our mind? We need a user manual for our mind,” he challenged.

What we see is what we think. Peace and happiness is owned by us. We must be clear of what happens outside and inside. Events that happen are outside our control, but what is important is the meaning and importance we give to them.

The meaning we give to events creates emotions and illusions. We must give higher meaning to events and when we face problems and obstacles, we must turn them into opportunities.

All of us want peace and happiness and to achieve them we have to practise self-awareness meditation. Yogesh concluded his talk with a meditation session. For further information on meditation, call Pooba 011 2338 6188.

A. Jeyaraj

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