Saintly MBs?

When Tun Dr M was willing to give up the finance portfolio as PM to avoid risk of conflict of interest and abuse of power he set a lofty benchmark. Sadly, all the Pakatan Harapan (PH) MBs don’t display the same level of sincerity and credibility. These MBs are zealously clasping onto the finance and two or three other posts. The notable feature of all these posts is that either they control the money strings or big money projects. The fact, the MBs jealously holding onto these portfolios, is causing, in my mind, a huge amount of doubt about their intentions and integrity. PH should instruct all their MBs to stick to their job of administration of state affairs and hand over the other posts to appropriate persons in the state exco. In this new political era there is no justification for them to hold the other offices unless there is an ulterior motive.

Peter S.H. Khaw

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