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Yuk Sou Hin

New brooms sweep clean they say but that does not necessarily augur well for precious antiques. The same applies to food. New dishes are wonderful and bring new taste treats to jaded palates but perennial favourites must be maintained.

As is the case in Yuk Sou Hin in the WEIL Hotel. When Chef Chan Kong Tung joined the Weil Hotel, taking over from previous Chef Chung Ho Shi, he had big shoes to fill. Not only had Chef Chung built a huge fan club but some of the dishes were very special and unique.

As in the Signature Smoked Duck with Lychee Wood: I can never set foot in Yuk Sou Hin without ordering this and I know that most people feel the same. So trust me, the duck is still on the menu and is as good as ever; RM45 for half a duck.

But Chef Chan who had an illustrious career in Hong Kong does have new specials up his sleeve. Like the Crispy Bean Curd roll with cheese and prawn, RM10 each, or the steamed siu mai topped with black truffle RM15. Or the deep-fried prawn paste ball stuffed with Unagi (can also order it stuffed with Foie Gras) wrapped in vermicelli, served with dollops of ebiko and finished with a flourish of a soba stick encrusted with black sesame seed; RM30 per portion. Follow this with the Spinach Fried Rice with Diced Chicken, RM32 (to share), and you’re in culinary heaven.

With Chef Chan helming the kitchen, Yuk Sou Hin’s flag continues to fly high. The menu is extensive, the ambiance seductive and the plating of dishes, exquisite. This is Chinese pork free fine dining at its best.

Yuk Sou Hin
WEIL Hotel
292 Jalan Sultan Idris Shah
Tel: 05 2082103 (Direct)

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