RM1.3 Million to Upgrade Library

Ipoh Echo’s report on malfunctioning air-conditioners at the state library, posted online on Wednesday, September 5, received a lot of negative feedback from Ipohites. Nevertheless, there is light at the end of the tunnel now.

On Saturday, September 22, our reporter dropped by the library to check on the state of the air conditioners. Unfortunately, after waiting for almost half an hour, none were switched on. There was a steady stream of visitors coming into the library some with their children tagging along.

Ipohites are aware of the importance of reading and acquiring knowledge via books. It is disappointing that the state library, in spite of its imposing stature, could not provide the kind of comfort anticipated by the public.

The air in the library was not only stifling but tepid. There were very few portable air coolers and stand fans around. Our scribe alerted the library minders in the hope that they could provide her with answers. But sadly none were forthcoming.

Ipoh Echo contacted Tan Kar Hing, the Executive Councillor for Tourism, Arts and Culture under whose purview the library comes under. But the politician was away in Bangkok for a meeting. Fortunately, a press conference was held on Thursday, September 27 at the state library to shed light on the anomaly.

According to Tan, he had discussed the matter with the director of the Perak State Library, Hj Mohammad Nazari bin Hj Abd Hamid.

“We’ve detected the glitch affecting the air conditioners and had informed the Public Works Department (JKR) accordingly. The 24-year-old chiller and cooling tower system needs to be replaced,” said Tan.

“Thankfully, Menteri Besar, through the State Financial Officer, has agreed to allocate RM1.3 million to fix this problem. For the time being, 26 portable air coolers will be deployed in the state library for the convenience of visitors,” he added.

“This cooling tower system will be ready by first quarter of 2019. Upon completion, the 26 portable air coolers will be distributed to other libraries in the state,” he told reporters during the press conference.

According to records, some 12,320 people visited the state library in August. The figure was an increase compared to July with only 10,736 visitors. Tan hoped more visitors would drop by once the air-condition problem is fixed.

Donations, according to Tan are most welcome. They are indicative of people‘s support for the establishment.

“All donations are tax-exempted,” he posited. “We don’t only seek cash but books too.”

Readers keen to contribute can do so by contacting the library at 05 249 1888 for details.

Qistina Izfarina


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