One Pothole Too Many

Lebuh Meru Raya, the main road near Sekolah Kebangsaan Meru, is in dire straits. The numerous potholes are causing residents and road-users much anxiety.

The arterial road is being used by commercial vehicles vying for space with locals who use it to send their kids to school. A recent visit by our reporter confirms this fear.

Incidentally, most of the roads around Meru Raya suffer the same fate. There are just too many potholes and fresh cracks are appearing on the surfaces. The situation is precarious, to say the least.

Shahril Sharib, 37, a resident of Meru Raya has put up with the inconvenience far too long. The condition worsens when it rains, as the holes are filled with water. Detecting the holes becomes problematic.

“The authorities have yet to act, in spite of our frequent complaints. A fatal accident is waiting to happen,” he lamented.

Luqman Hakim

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