Noami Soldiers On

“You are never too old to lend a helping hand,” these are the words that keep Noami Indromah, 55, going. Born and raised in Kinta District, Noami received her primary education at SRK Marian Convent and her secondary education at SK Convent, Ipoh. She was an English teacher at Shen Jai High School till 2010. After resigning, she has been actively involved in social work. Noami has written a few articles in Malaysian Times under Media Perak back in 2011.

Noami is well known among her friends as someone who is passionate about helping people. She has worked with various non-governmental organisations (NGOs). “I believe in freedom of speech and I can only do it through an NGO,” said Noami. Her involvement in NGOs is mainly to do with the environment. Her love for greenery was instilled subconsciously while growing up in a police camp. The orderliness and well-manicured lawn within the camp impacted her thoughts. Noami realised the importance of preserving nature and the environment.

She was once the Vice Chairperson of KUASA (Kumpulan Activist Sahabat Alam). She was nominated secretary of PEKA (Pertubuhan Pelindung Khazanah Alam) in 2015 and has remained in that hot seat since then. Her organisation is actively involved in saving the country’s dwindling tropical jungles from being logged legally and illegally. Preserving and upholding the rights of the indigenous community (Orang Asli) is her forte too. In doing so she faces several challenges from the authorities and from business people. And these confrontations can be ugly at times. Notwithstanding the difficulties, Noami does not back down.

According to Noami, children play a big role in maintaining the environment. “As our future leaders, they should be educated on the importance of up keeping our environment.” She has given environmental talks in universities such as UM (University Malaya), USM (University Science Malaysia) and UiTM (University Technology MARA). Being the treasurer of the Family Wellness Club, Noami has given an environmental-related talk at the Banyan Spa. “I hope our forest will be preserved, it’s time we fight for the environment,” said Noami.

After losing her mother to cancer, Noami made it a point to visit cancer patients at the hospital. “They’re not alone. With a positive attitude and some herbs, anything can be cured,” said Noami. She encourages the public to educate themselves about diseases. Upon losing her husband in 2009 due to a heart attack, she understands the emptiness families go through when they lose their loved ones. Therefore, while doing her rounds at the hospital, she offers them prayers.

Noami is in the midst of forming a new NGO. Noami has always been determined to form a NGO to help young girls and single mothers but she was always busy with other work. The idea crossed her mind again when she was running a restaurant in Langkawi in 2018. She came across a 23-year-old single mother who is a drug pusher and prostitute. “No one, especially a woman, deserves such a fate. She was prepared to do anything to survive,” she lamented. The woman’s plight was what prompted Noami to form her new NGO. Her NGO focuses on empowering women across the state to be independent and to never fall into the underworld.

“Every woman needs to be independent and able to stand on her own two feet,” she insisted.

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