SPM Results 2018

The wait was finally over for fellow 2018 SPM students. A total of 624 students scored with flying colours which is lesser compared to 2017.

“Hard work is the secret of success,” said Dizureen Bellyana during an interview with Ipoh Echo on Thursday, March 14 at the State Education Department.

Dizureen, the only child born to a Semai family from Science Tapah high school scored 8A’s and 1B in her SPM.

She scored 3 (A+) in Bahasa Malaysia, Sejarah, Mathematics, 2(A) in Moral and Chemistry, 3 (A-) in English, Additional Mathematics, Physics and 1(B) in Biology.

“I answered a lot of past years’ questions. I was confident during the examination period,” she added.

After the demise of her father, her mother became the sole breadwinner of the family. She worked in Genting as a housekeeper. Dizureen lived with her grandparents at Bemban and aspires to be a marine engineer one day.

Mental health was never a barrier for Muhammad Izhan Haikal, a student with a learning disability, from Sekolah Maahad Ehyak Al- Diniah Islamiah, Kampung Gajah to strive for the best.

Izhan scored 6 (A) in Bahasa Malaysia, Sejarah, Mathematics, Science, Economics, Al-Quran and Al-Sunnah education, 2 (A-) in Arab language, Syari’ah Islamiah education and 1(D) in English.

“I’ve never considered myself as someone sick or used that as an excuse not to be successful.

“Although I’m not like others, I’ve worked hard to make my mother proud and I prayed continuously for my success,” he said.

The youngest among five siblings dreams of becoming a lecturer.

Meanwhile, in SMK Anderson, twin brothers Yap Joon Lok and Yap Joon Onn made their school and parents proud by scoring straight A’s. Joon Lok who scored 9A+ was adjudged as the best student while his brother Joon Onn scored 9A’s.

“I’m very happy with mine as well as my brother’s results. I’d like to thank my parents for guiding us throughout. My teachers played a big role as well in our success,” said Joon Lok who plans to take up computer science.

Another student named Rishindren Rajah who scored 5A and 4B said that he would like to dedicate his results to his mother.

“My mother and I are very happy and proud with the results. My hard work has finally paid off,” he told Ipoh Echo.

Both Khayrin Farzana and her father shed tears upon receiving the SPM transcript which showed straight A’s.

The 18-year-old from Methodist Girls School, Ipoh was among the 29 students who scored straight A’s.

“My revision books were passed down by my sister as we could not afford to buy new books and pay tuition fees,” said Khayrin who aspires to be an aerospace engineer.

Abirami Kumar who also scored straight A’s shared how she used to fail in her Additional Mathematics and finally obtained an A after giving her best shot in the subject.

“My family played a huge role in my success. They told me not to give up,” said Abirami who was hugging her mother, an attendant, and the sole breadwinner of their family after her father retired.

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