Do You Know Your Family History?

The Ipoh Family History Center of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints recently organized a seminar for those interested in researching their Indian ancestry.  The speaker was Peter Rajaratnam Bushi, the FamilySearch International Area (Asia) Manager. FamilySearch has the world’s largest collection of free family trees and genealogy records. It offers free access to its resources and service online at, which is one of the most heavily used genealogy sites on the Internet.

Peter Bushi’s powerpoint presentation included the Indian Diaspora and the role of the Pandit in keeping records in Indian society. He advised that having a family surname (last name) will help future descendants when they search for their ancestors.  After the presentation, many questions were raised during the Q & A session.

A number of young people took the opportunity to display their family trees.  Those at the seminar were touched and amazed at the youth’s creativity and for the time spent in researching and gathering information. They had gathered most of the information by talking to their elderly relatives and they hope to be able to add more generations of names onto the branches of their family trees by searching at or even by going to their roots in India.

Those interested in FamilySearch or in searching for their ancestors may call 016 538 0121 for more information.

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