Why Talent Leaves Ipoh?

It was year 2007, when I founded Red Land Design®.  I managed to persuade a young interior designer who planned to further her career in Singapore to join me. She was one of thousands in the brain drain scenario that has happened (and still happening) for decades in Ipoh.

As an entrepreneur and a proud Ipoh boy, I always wanted to contribute to Ipoh through working out creative ideas not only in our projects, but also to strive in keeping our local talents to grow the interior design industry. Applying the old basic salary system was definitely not the answer as local medium enterprises here cannot compete with the SGD conversion rate.

What our company is offering is turning designers into entrepreneurs. We select the professionals with the most potential in design and renovation; individuals with the right character and drive,  sharpen their skill in technical knowledge and business expertise to build our brand through long term collaboration instead of employment relationship. Recognized by multiple international awards in recent years, our company professionalism has been proven.

To know more about this interior design firm and how they could create for your property, visit or make an appointment at 1700 818 099 (Toll Free)

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