Therapeutic Touch for Mental and Physical Wellness

Touch binds our life. We have discovered our world this way since infancy. Evidence based research shows how wide an effect this has on our psychosocial and emotional development. Although Therapeutic Touch (TT) as a massage modality is a great way to relax, this modality is more than unwinding.  TT can be helpful in treating various emotional issues and improves overall well-being for both health compromised and generally well people.

TT is often a powerful element for people confronting a life limiting or terminal illness including the end of life and can help alleviate stress in an ill person. This mediation creates calmness, and increases ones comfort.  Techniques are modified and varies accordingly to the physiology of a client and is directed towards reduction of pain and relief from anxiety.

In our current lifestyle, many are inflicted by emotional distress which impacts their general mental wellbeing.  Stress affects almost everyone at one time or another.  This may lead to a chronic outcome when it takes its toll.  We see many people who are affected not only from anxiety which can lead to depression, hence putting great strain on the body both physical and emotional.

Amidst many conventional treatment options, TT may be one great way for health maintenance to promote feelings of peace, reduce tension and stress, improve energy and enhance the lymphatic system for good immune function.

TT is not a panacea for emotional problems but is great when integrated alongside conventional treatments. It’s an effective complementary treatment with minimum or no negative side effects and/or contraindications. Regardless of type of massage modality one chooses, it is important to speak to the therapist about symptoms and concerns if any.

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