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Young Perak: Ipoh Gavel Club Triggered a YouthQuake

Wow Day

On March 23, the I-innovative Gavel Club organised a Wow Day event to raise awareness on Ipoh city to its youngsters. The event was a heritage walk in Ipoh’s old town with the guidance of Commander Ian Anderson, the director of an initiative to raise awareness on the history of Ipoh.

A total of 25 participants joined this event including the executive team, family members of the club, two journalists and club members. The participants got to know the historical buildings around Ipoh and the stories from back when the British were in control of Malaysia post World War 2.

“I find the systematic and orderly setting of the buildings fascinating, and the knowledge they had given to us is very valuable. I hope that the government will pay attention to these historical buildings so that posterity can still witness the former glory of these buildings,” said Gavelier Chan Hei Yann, 15.

A visit to Han Chin Pet Soo museum and 22 Hale Street gallery then ensued with lunch at the Dong Café.

Hei Yann continued, “Being the first time the committee of the club organised an event, I must say we had done a fine job. I would like to take this opportunity to thank TM Pak Peter and TM Daniel Ng, the mentor and counsellor of the club, for all their guidance and support throughout the process in the making of the event. Without their help to guide us, this event could have never be held. I would also like to convey my gratitude to Commander Ian Anderson for sparing his time to help us make this heritage walk a success.

“For me, I am glad that everything worked out fine as part of the committee of the organizing team. I learned that wonderful events do not just happen, it is made through hard work and cooperation between one another. The heritage walk was a success and I believed that we had achieved our objective in raising awareness of Ipoh’s heritage to the youngsters. I am glad that I joined Ipoh’s I-innovative Gavel Club as the members grow and help each other in their communicating skills as well as leadership skills. Never have I thought that it would help me grow so much.”

To view the Wow Day video, go to Vimeo link:

Meeting Madam President

During last month’s Toastmasters International conference in Ipoh, members of the Gavel Club (Junior Toastmasters) had the golden opportunity to meet Lark Doley, the International President, and talk about their experiences.

Gavelier Mandee Loong, 15, was shocked and honoured when the president came over to talk to her. “Overall I felt honoured and really enjoyed the short conversation.”

“President Lark Doley is a very friendly and outgoing lady. When I first heard about meeting the president of a world organisation, an image of a strict and grumpy president immediately came to mind. However, when President Doley came in, she shook hands with everyone in the room and asked for our names. That’s when I realised she is a very cheerful person.

“When she made her speech, she showed us the power of words and gestures, which deeply attracts the attention of everyone. Her speech was powerful, inspiring and funny altogether. I really enjoyed listening to her.

“It was truly a wonderful and unique experience,” said Mandee.

Whoever wants to find a place to start building confidence in speaking, the junior toastmasters’ clubs (also known as gavel clubs) or the nearest Toastmasters club is the perfect platform for developing speaking skills.

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