Time to Show Your Talent – SMI Talentime (13-14 Jul 2019)

St Michael’s Institution Ipoh will once again be putting on their Talentime 2019 on July 13 and 14. This continues the strong tradition of performing arts at St Michael’s which began in 1954 with the inaugural stage production of “The Poet of Ispaha”.

This annual showcase of performing arts continues faithfully year after year and a check at the record in their archive shows that St Michael’s has produced more than 50 plays and talent shows – a truly remarkable achievement.

Their boys and girls who take part go through weeks of serious and stringent sessions to bring forth their musical skills and talents.

Michaelian Talentime has always been a Michaelian production. Those on stage, from the cast, crew, make-up artists to the musicians, are all the products of the school. As they get together, these volunteers and participants experience self-development, to learn the process of esteem-building, to express oneself and have respectful interaction.

Through this platform, students learn critical thinking skills that will stay with them all of their lives. They also bring home organisation and leadership skills, perseverance, self-motivation and self-discipline.

Funds raised from the sales of tickets and sponsorships are aimed to fund activities to foster curriculum development and enhancing facilities of the school.

Tickets are sold at RM20 and RM50 each. The dates for public performances are on the 13th and 14th July 2019, starting at 7.45pm, Venue: St Michael’s School Hall.

For details, call 05 254 0418 during office hours.

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