Pinji Fest 2019

By Chris Teh

The third Pinji Fest, held at Taman Pinggir Sungai Pasir Pinji on Saturday, July 13, has definitely made Pasir Pinji as a destination of choice for tourists and non-locals.

Guests of honour at the launch were Executive Councillor for Youth and Sports Development Howard Lee Chuan How who is also the state assemblyman for Pasir Pinji, Member of Parliament for Ipoh Timor Wong Kah Woh and Dewan Rakyat Deputy Speaker Nga Kor Ming.

Pinji Fest made its debut in 2015 and the second was in 2016. It was held up for two years in 2017 and 2018 due to the 14th General Election.

“Pinji Fest’s objective is to encourage interaction between youths and their families. We want to instil positive familial values in the younger generation, which sadly, is beginning to diminish,” said Howard Lee to Ipoh Echo.

According to Lee, the four aspects of Pinji Fest which are culture, history, art and food will be referred to for Pasir Pinji’s development as one of Ipoh’s tourism destinations.

“People may inevitably disagree on certain opinions but these aspects are elements that have bonded people together for decades. There are many hidden gems that Pasir Pinji has to offer, which is why through this event, hopefully, we’re able to share them with the whole Ipoh while improving the infrastructures in Pasir Pinji,” Lee added.

Being a collaboration with Pusat Aspirasi Anak Perak (PASAK), an organisation aiming to empower youths and revolutionise e-sports, the event was attended by over 3,000 individuals from all over the city.

Pokemon Go, in which Pinji Fest is the second featured event by the government for the popular mobile game, players were seen taking part in lure festivals and Beca Go, a mini-tour around Pasir Pinji via trishaw riding.
Ipohite Alvin Lee, 30, who resides in Pasir Pinji said, “I enjoyed the Pokemon Go programme. It’s a good opportunity to rediscover more of the history and landmarks here.”

Being an avid Pokemon Go player himself, Lee felt surprised that the game made its way into Pinji Fest.

“I am glad the game is starting to gain traction with our local government since the release of PVP (player-versus-player) battles. It’d be such a letdown if a global phenomenon like Pokemon Go does not get to live up to its name in Malaysia, let alone Ipoh,” Lee added.

The “My Pasir Pinji” themed colouring and drawing contest operated by Chuah Colour Studios was also one of the highlights of Pinji Fest.

“Participants of the drawing section ranged from age 13 to 18, while colouring contestants ranged from age 4 to 12, thus we limited materials only for colouring section,” explained Suat Meay, facility manager for PASAK to Ipoh Echo.

She added, “We’re interested in knowing how creative contestants can go, so we allowed participants to freely explore their own perception of Pasir Pinji in the future.”

Suat Meay conveyed her gratitude to Sakura Malaysia and Sin Mun Fatt Book Store for their sponsorship of materials for the contest.

Hopefully, future Pinji Fest will continue to bring surprises to the community.

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