Longest Ice Carving

By Rosli Mansor

A 48-hour effort to carve a 60m ice block was never in vain. The end-product had been proclaimed as the longest ice sculpture in the Asia Book of Records. The momentous event was held on Monday, August 4 at the Lost World of Tambun.

The iced miniature of the Lost World of Tambun theme park satisfied requirements stipulated. The delicate model, which included horses and birds found in the petting zoo, hot springs, water games and the theme park poles were required to last for two hours after work began at 7.15pm. It went beyond the stipulated time frame.

Lost World of Tambun general manager, Nurul Nuzairi Mohd Azahari said the thought of an entry into the Asia Book of Records was initiated about a year ago. Initially, it was meant as a training session for undergraduate culinary students.

As the idea developed, the assembled team began to research and honed-in their skills. The team consisted of 25 senior and 25 novice ice sculptors from around the country. Assistance was provided by 67 students from the Chenderoh Community College, Kuala Kangsar.

The humid weather and the hot springs in the vicinity were factors to consider. “The team had to maintain the shape of the ice carving for at least two hours to be in the reckoning. But with the talent they had these obstacles were overcome,” said Nurul to reporters after the presentation ceremony.

A total of 250 barrels of ice, each weighing 100 pounds, were used to produce the engraving. The height of the main structure stood at approximately 4m.

The Asia Book of Records certificate was presented by Evelyn Kuppa and Grace Kuppa, representatives from the India-based body.


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