Titles and Ceremonial Traditions of Perak


By Tan Mei Kuan

Experience the grandeur of the royal court of the Silver State via a copy of the “Titles and Ceremonial Traditions of the Royalty and Nobility of the State of Perak, Malaysia” penned by Dr Adib Vincent Tung bin Abdullah in English.

The official launch of the book was held on Saturday, August 10 at Syeun Hotel. It was graced by Sultan Nazrin Shah and Raja Permaisuri Perak, Tuanku Zara Salim.

Published by Perak Academy (an NGO) in 2018, this 936-page volume with over 1500 photographs covers history from the origin of the name “Perak” and colonialism to the present day privileges, duties and powers of the sovereign. It is an informative, inclusive and even enthralling guide to the Malay customs, rites, rituals, recreation, pomp and pageantries.

It touches on topics as diverse as the ancient court etiquette, the selection and appointment of titled princes, hereditary chiefs and their heirs, State regalia and decorations, and from the birth of a prince to his eventual ascension to the throne.

This book also serves as a practical, astute handbook which takes readers step-by-step through all types of royal occasions and enlightens one how to prepare oneself when attending regal fanfares as well as on how to conduct conversations with royalty and noblemen.

“So rich is our Perak royal traditions that many of its practices have been copied, introduced to and absorbed into the royal courts of other states within our country,” Dr Adib Vincent Tung explained.

“It took me 19 years to complete. So far, over 500 copies have been sold. Generally, I love writing, thus I started writing books. Technology has facilitated my interest in writing,” the Ipoh boy told Ipoh Echo during the launch.

An ideal collectors’ item for a good library display, the edition includes very useful appendices, index and bibliography for students and researchers.

It is priced at RM399 (hardcover, full colour), RM369 (softcover, full colour) and RM299 (softcover, black and white), interested readers can contact Perak Academy at 05 241 3742 or visit its website to order.

“On a side note, according to Dato’ Henry Barlow of the Malaysian Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society, Perak is the best well-documented state in the whole of Malaysia,” Chan Kok Keong, Deputy Chairman of Perak Academy added.

Besides that, Dr Adib Vincent Tung has authored 26 books with another on stag beetles of Peninsular Malaysia and Borneo in publication in addition to more than a hundred articles and brochures on insect taxonomy, tourism and conservation. A trained business administrator cum governor with Perak Academy, he is a Fellow of the Royal Entomological Society of London and has participated in scientific expeditions across the Southeast Asian region.


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