Letter: Perak Quarry Association

It has come to the attention of the quarrying industry in Simpang Pulai, Perak, that caving activities have been conducted which trespasses and encroaches into caves found at Gunung Lanno in Simpang Pulai. These are private properties that have been gazetted as Quarry Zones. Perak Quarry Association (PQA) is further informed that the members of the public and certain WIPs have been lured into joining the cave exploration activities, thus giving more publicity over cave exploration activities in Simpang Pulai.

PQA wishes to state that quarrying activities have been conducted for decades in these areas and countless quarrying and blasting activities have been undertaken under the strict supervision of various government authorities. Hence, PQA strongly stresses that all blasting activities conducted earlier directly and indirectly created severe and extensive fractures to all the hills in and within the Gunung Lanno Quarry Zone where the caves are located. PQA is duty-bound to make it known that cave exploration in such areas in and around Gunung Lanno and Simpang Pulai areas are no longer safe or suitable for leisure activities.

PQA regrets that operators and proposers of this eco-tourism park where the main activity includes cave exploration has been irresponsible in inviting the members of the public and WIPs to be involved in such dangerous cave exploration activities at Gunung Lanno and its surrounding.

PQA unequivocally states that we strongly support the eco-tourism industry in Perak and urges parties involved to fully utilise and develop the area outside of the designated Quarry Zone and within the Kinta Valley Geopark which has been established recently in 2018 by the state government where the aforementioned activities can be safely conducted.

PQA hereby would like to urge all parties involved to cease and desist in cave exploration activities around Simpang Pulai especially Gunung Lanno area for their own safety and the safety of the public and the WIPs.

S.K. Chong
Perak Quarry Association

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