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Your teenager or perhaps you as an adult, are about to take a big step toward better health and a more attractive appearance — orthodontic treatment. But the thought of wearing braces for the next couple of years is a formidable one.

Take heart,  for  now dental surgeon Dr N. Tamilkkumaran  with his dental surgeon associate, Dr Teoh Yit Kwan has an alternative braces suggestion for you. Dr. Tamil as he is called, is one of the partners in the LS group of clinics which comprises two other clinics in the same location: a family practice headed by Dr. Leong Wei Fai and an Aesthetic clinic headed by Dr. Neik Hiong Lee. 

According to Dr. Tamil, while traditional braces are effective, wearing them restricts eating certain snacks and foods, requiring extra time and effort for brushing and flossing, and they’re often uncomfortable to wear. Also the metal wires can be abrasive and sometimes cause caries. And of high importance to a teenager and especially for an adult, it’s embarrassing to wear them.

Now you can save yourself some social embarrassment with Mbrace aligners. This form of bite correction requires fewer food restrictions, allows greater ease in hygiene, and is considered more attractive than braces. In fact, most observers won’t notice them when a wearer smiles.

Mbrace aligners are a series of clear plastic trays created by computer, from molds taken by the dentist, of your mouth, that are worn in a certain sequence. During wear, each tray exerts pressure on the teeth to gradually move them in the desired direction. The patient wears a single tray for two weeks or longer and then changes to the next tray in the sequence, which will be slightly different than the previous tray. At the end of the process, the teeth will have been moved to their new positions.” explained Dr. Tamil.

“Mbrace aligners aren’t appropriate for all bite problems. When they are, though, they offer a couple of advantages over braces. Unlike braces, a wearer can remove the aligner to brush and floss their teeth, thus minimizing bad breath which often occur with traditional braces. And, of course, because they are hardly noticeable, there is no embarrassment involved when socializing. The total treatment time for both braces or aligners are about the same as is the cost” he added.

Teeth Whitening

And then there is the matter of yellow or severely stained teeth.

You’ve tried different toothpastes, switched your toothbrushes and still your pearly whites are not so pearly or white anymore. Then it’s time to consider Teeth Whitening.

“All our food has colouring, and even toothpastes are coloured so how can we not stain our teeth?” Dr. Tamil asked rhetorically. “Smoking, coffee and tea are particularly bad culprits for stains but now there is no more reason to live with stained teeth. Teeth Whitening is a simple painless procedure of having gel applied on the teeth, shining a special light on them and lo and behold, your pearly whites are pearly white again, “ he added gleefully.

But a caveat here is this: you can only whiten your natural teeth. Veneers or crowns and porcelain cannot be whitened. Each whitening will last for at least 8 months and the process can be repeated regularly. Cost is reasonable.

Next issue, for your total wellness and cosmetic enhancement, visit the other two clinics in the LS Group in the same location.

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