Graduation Concert

By Luqman Hakim

Some 200 parents and caretakers were present at the KinderJoy Kindergarten’s 23rd graduation concert recently. The event was held at Leong Wan Chin Hall, Jalan Kampar, Ipoh on Saturday, October 5.

Over 120 pupils received their graduation scrolls from Perak Education Department officer Zanifah Jaberi. In attendance was Academic Director of KinderJoy, Looi Lee Ying. The event was enlivened with performances by students of the kindergarten.

KinderJoy has six classes namely, Aladdin, Bambi, Garfield, Hercules, Pinocchio and Tweety.

Looi stated that the theme this year was, “We Love Malaysia” which was in line with the Merdeka theme, “Sayangi Malaysiaku, Malaysia Bersih”.

“It’s never too early to teach children about unity and patriotism,” she told Ipoh Echo.

The ethnic diversity in Malaysia is what that made the country unique in the eyes of everyone, she added.

“Although we come from different backgrounds and ethnicity, we’re able to practise, share and learn from each other,” she remarked.

Looi highlighted the fact that today’s early childhood education is no longer about learning to spell ABC or simply learning and memorising for examinations.

“The world is progressing so fast that qualifications alone are never enough to equip our children for the future job market,” she said. “We believe that early years’ education is the foundation for all levels of education, as this will help shape a child’s personality, knowledge and skills. At KinderJoy, we’re committed to providing a holistic and well-balanced education programme.

“Hopefully, our children will develop to their fullest potential as well-learned and respected individuals in today’s increasingly challenging global community,” said Looi.


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