Letter: Is UTC Relevant?

UTC was set up to help working people get their routine jobs with government departments done after office hours. It was open up to 10pm daily. A few months ago the working hours were shortened to 5pm like other government offices. Most private-sector workers work up to 6pm and beyond and some work during weekends. With the new working hours, UTC does not serve its purpose.

With the current set up all we can say is that we have an additional government office, say, two Immigration departments to get our jobs done during office hours.

Many people have complained to me about this. People do not know the “proper channel” to lodge their complaints. We are told that we must always use the “proper channel”. During my meeting with the CEO of a GLC, he asked me whether UTC is relevant with normal working hours.

UTC should revert to its previous working hours. Alternatively, they can open from 4pm to 10pm or at least work up to 8pm, otherwise, UTC can be closed and the government can save money. I read in the papers that the government departments in Putrajaya are working during weekends. This can be introduced in Ipoh as well so that working people can have access to government departments during weekends.

What is the point of having a facility that does not serve the people?

A. Jeyaraj

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