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Craving Authentic Teochew Dim Sum?

By Mei Kuan

Crab noodle soup

Mostly handmade from scratch using fresh ingredients without the addition of preservatives, the bestsellers are its kueh (steamed vegetable dumpling – RM2 per plate with a choice of chive, turnip or yam), orh nee (yam paste – RM4 per plate) and crispy shrimp rolls (RM3 per plate).

“I started to craft dim sum to sell about 20 years ago in the same neighbourhood and moved to this new shop seven months ago. It took me years to perfect the recipe. The restaurant’s name is actually formed by a character each from my daughter and son’s names. Spanning two generations, my children are currently running the restaurant,” Lee King, the founder of Hua Chew Restaurant, shared with Ipoh Echo about the labour-intensive cuisine.

Other quintessential dim sum options such as kwong qiang (fried vegetarian beancurd roll – RM3 per plate), xia jiao (shrimp dumpling – RM3 per plate), shao mai (meat dumpling – RM3 per plate), xiao long bao (broth-filled steamed pork dumpling – RM2), chicken feet (RM4 per plate), steamed glutinous rice (RM3.50) and da bao (large steamed bun – RM3.50) are served too.

For lunch, recommended dishes are its fish in the classic sour plum soup (price ranges from RM15 to RM30 for small portion depending on type of fish), fried salted fish balls (RM10 per plate for small portion), crab noodle soup (RM15 for small portion), stir-fried glass noodle (RM6 for small portion), stir-fried fish with leeks (RM15 for small portion) and seafood porridge (RM15 for small portion).

“We will create new items to be added to our menu from time to time. Our yam paste is made of just yam without adding any flour. Once you add flour, it would not be authentic anymore,” the amiable Lee added.

Hua Chew Restaurant operates from 7.30am till 12.30pm daily (except Monday). It is located at 12 Jalan Piandang Indah 18, Taman Piandang Indah, 34250 Tanjung Piandang. Non-halal.

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Tan Mei Kuan

Tan Mei Kuan graduated with first-class honours and book prize from University of Malaya majoring in languages and linguistics (English). She is proficient in both written and spoken English and Malay. She is also conversant in Mandarin and has knowledge of Japanese and Korean languages. Mei Kuan has been on the Dean’s List for three years running. Having written for the campus newspaper and residential college magazine, joining Ipoh Echo has helped utilise her writing and language skills. In her spare time she enjoys running (races).

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