Passion Keeps Him Going

By Gisele Soo

As the digital era dawns, traditional businesses are being heavily influenced by technology.

However, Ezekiel Veli, now in his mid-seventies, has remained a petition writer for over 50 years. Despite his old age, little has changed for him.

“You don’t come across many petition writers now, as almost everything can be found online. It has cut off the hassle of searching around and it is less time consuming,” he explained. “To me, it’s not about passing time, it’s about my contribution to society. This is what keeps me going.”

“Having something to look forward to helps to keep my mind sharp and nourished,” he said.

Although his children are at the top end of the social ladder, he harbours no plans of quitting. “One of them is a lecturer in a university, the other one is an estate manager and one of my sons is managing the production team. I’m glad to be able to witness their success,” he said with much pride.

When asked what keeps him going, he said passion plays an influential role, it fuels his eagerness and enthusiasm. “Until today, I’m still learning from others which to me, is bliss,” Veli expressed.

“I am equally proficient in both Bahasa Malaysia and English. My clients, despite the distance, would still visit me. They have been my loyal customers for years,” he added.

He does various types of petitions including legal matters and applications, declaration, agreement, appeal letters, wills and contracts. “Each document is also reasonably priced,” he stated.

“I can type the documents out spontaneously within a couple of minutes without referring or drafting anything. That’s the skill I’ve acquired over the years,” he remarked.

Veli is also actively involved in church activities and willingly helps members of his parish.

Readers can find him in front of the State Mosque along Jalan Dato’ Sagor. His working hours are from 9am to 1pm. Readers can contact him at 016-5591202.


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