Thumbs Down: 7-Eleven Located at Blind Corner

By A. Jeyaraj

The new 7-Eleven outlet next to Cititel Hotel along Jalan SP Seenivasagam is located at a blind corner. Knowing the driving habits of our drivers, they will suddenly brake upon seeing the store; not concerned about the motorist behind. This could cause accidents. Cars are also parked along the right lane. This is not the right location for a convenience store. There are no parking facilities for customers. MBI should revoke the licence and allocate another appropriate location.

On Sunday mornings I travel along Jalan SP Seenivasagam to go to the market. Drivers coming from SMI school must look out for cars turning from the right, from Jalan Sultan Yusuff, and cars turning from the left, from Jalan Compleks Islam, while approaching Cititel Hotel which is in a blind corner. Cars occupy part of the rightmost lane in front of the hotel; I have even seen buses being parked. Customers of the hotel load and unload their luggage in this lane. This is a busy road. The main entrance of the hotel should be from the side lane. Something must be done before a nasty accident takes place.

Ratepayers are wondering whether MBI is aware of this dangerous situation.






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